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Create and explore with Maker Labs.

At Maker Labs, we know that kids learn best when they create and explore! 

Our Programs and Camps offer fun project-based learning and STEAM activities that allow kids to discover and experiment. Through hands-on projects, makers will build, tinker, and craft. They will bring out their creativity and teamwork while discovering how their projects connect to the world around them.

What Is A Maker? 

Anyone can be a maker, but kids are the best makers! All kids have the creativity, imagination, and curiosity that every maker needs. A maker is a tinkerer, an explorer, and a creator. Makers make crafts, make discoveries, and make mistakes. AND they learn from all of it. Maker Labs is dedicated to supporting our makers so that they can make projects and discoveries that excite them.

What Do We Make?

Our projects span all kinds of science, art, and engineering! We build towers, design toys, make musical instruments, race marbles, and so much more. Makers can bring the fun home with step-by-step instructions found right here.

Ready To Join The Lab?


Summer Camp

Our camps have all-day activities with fun STEAM projects, outdoor recreation, and all the tools one could need to build their inventions. Makers will have freedom to let their imaginations shine, with enough guidance to encourage discovery. Snacks included.


After School Classes

The school year doesn’t mean you can’t have fun! In 1-hour after-school sessions, kids will make fun projects while learning how it connects to STEM concepts. Catapults, earthquake towers, and rubber band cars, we have it all!

1990 N California Blvd. Floor 8

Walnut Creek CA 94596

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