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create and explore

At Maker Labs we know that kids learn best when they create and explore! Our Programs and Camps offer fun project-based learning and STEAM activities that allow kids to discover and experiment. Through hands-on projects, makers will build, tinker, and craft. They will bring out their creativity and teamwork while discovering how their projects connect to the world around them.


Check out the Things We Make to see some of the tinkers and builds that our makers create. Try out our fun STEAM projects at home and see what you can build!

Check out our After-School Programs and our Camps.

What is a Maker?

Anyone can be a maker, but kids are the best makers! All kids have the creativity, imagination, and curiosity that every maker needs. A maker is a tinkerer, an explorer, and a creator. Makers make crafts, make discoveries, and make mistakes. AND they learn from all of it. Maker Labs is dedicated to supporting our makers so that they can make projects and discoveries that excite them.

They will do it ALL tinkering, crafts, science, building, team

challenges, physics and more.

They will be given the place to use their imagination and try

new things.



Here at Maker Labs we are team players. We love to help

each other but we also like to WIN!

We will be making things that roll, bounce, crawl, and raise

with one mission in mind, to be First!

We will encourage them to work together while also allowing

a little healthy competition.


Here at Maker Labs High Voltage we are all about making

things extreme! We are going to light it up, make it move,

even blow it up! The kids will help each other and race each

other. Let's blow the roof off this place!


Let's get back to basics. Our motto is you never know until

you try. Let's teach these kids the basics of being a Maker.

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