Fall 2020 Afternoon STEAM Sessions!

Featuring all the cool tools, materials and activities at the Lab!

Four-Week Any-Start Session

2/3pm-5pm  (approx. 2-2.5+ hours of making)

Choose Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and/or Friday

(Tuesday is currently unavailable as it is booked for a private pod.)

Make ups are always allowed. Sessions repeat through winter.


  • At each class, students will engage in NGSS* and "beyond" investigations and engineering projects based on each individual student's grade level. Ms. Papini will attempt to coincide with school lessons but there will also be plenty of time for free tinkering, collaboration and socialization.

  • 8 students maximum, all social distanced in shady outdoors

  • To learn more about NGSS and about Ms. Papini using the standards to teach K-5 science over the last four years, read on below.



  • 4-Weeks (1 class per week) Pre Pay Session - $160

*Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS).  As an example, this school year is the first year for WCSD to officially adopt a newly available NGSS based curriculum.

The 'NGSS' Science Standards and Ms. Papini

As an elementary school science specialist for four years I have participated in the process of adopting these standards: attending multiple CC County of Education and district trainings on teaching these standards. Not only was I able to help officially test various curriculum 'vendors' such as Carolina Science and StemScopes, and Amplify, I have also been leading and helping classroom teachers develop investigations and lesson plans in support of the standards. 


When I first "saw" the standards four years ago I laughed. I was new to public education and couldn't believe what a colossal complication they made it all into.  Part of me felt like, "jeepers just pick some cool topics and give the kids some tools and materials... amazing science videos...just teach them to be curious!"

But there are certain things about NGSS that are really smart. Instead of teaching kids science facts, we are trying to teach them how to think and investigate like scientists, to be curious about phenomena in order to figure out how things work in our world, and why it's important.

Here is a link that goes straight to the NGSS Topics by grade.


What I use regularly is the official NGSS app which for my purpose is way more simple and convenient! Highly recommended.

If you ever want to talk about the science standards or have questions about them don't hesitate to reach out to me!

I've often thought of making my own Maker Lab standards that would entail a long list of skills and design practices ranging from tying a knot and cutting circles to powering an LED or making a cardboard hinge...

Mini-Drone Quad-Copter

Flying drones in our netted yard last summer was a hit!

This summer the Drone Course will be even better!  The junk yard has been removed; we have better spaced seating; the gate is open from building area!

The Lab has two mini drones which can be sanitized and mad available. However, for those campers who already have a small drone just bring one. **You can find them on Amazon for $20-$40!


All tools will be sanitized prior to use. Students who bring their own tools will be given a storage locker ; )

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