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Image by Carl Raw

Custom Virtual  & Outdoors at the Maker Lab  Birthday Parties!

Choose a theme or create one!
 Here are some fun suggestions:

Maker Mania
Escape Room - Gaming
Treasure Hunt
Virtual Arcade
Light Factory
STEM Race-a-palooza
Slime Design
DIY Operation Game
Cardboard Vending Machines
Fairy Gardens

Prices start at $200 (virtual) or $350 (in-person at the Lab) for 75 minutes and 15 guests.  Project components and sanitized materials fee of $5-$10 per person depending on theme selected. Additional $10-15 if you want totally awesome custom goody bags with unique and cool toys and maker materials, batteries, lights etc.

All projects can be customized to fit your budget!

BIG KID and ADULT parties available too - even cooler projects to choose from!!!


How Creative can a Virtual Party Be???  Very!

  • Online and Offline games with props and high energy!

  • Private, custom virtual game rooms and puzzles!

  • Projects with cool materials!

  • Prizes, points and winning!

  • Codes to crack!

  • Surprises and secrets!

  • Interactive and social

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