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Here are all your Virtual Science/Maker Fair  Resources

flyer, timeline, template, ideas, judging

Join us Thursdays on Zoom at 3:00pm PST for support! Or, email


Project Ideas:

(choose a few to try, email for instructions)

What grows faster ____ or ___

Solar Oven Testing

Density Tower

Rube Goldberg using only _____

Can you stop hot and cold water from mixing?

What microwave popcorn pops the most.

What makes the most mold?

Compare bubble wands

Can you hardboil an egg inside out?

Can you change the color of flowers?

Can you reverse colored water?

How does hydraulic power work?

How do lungs, heart,

How do robots move?

What is a solar updraft tower?

Make a waterwheel, anenometer..

Does icecream in a bag tast the same?

Do hynpo rings work?

What is a solar still?

Your Project Timeline

By April 23: 

-Choose a project, title and question then practice stating them in two clear sentences. 


1.   My project is called “Pop rocks vs. Baking Soda Balloons”

2.  “Which substance will inflate the biggest balloon?”


By April 30:

-Write a list of materials and a list of steps and make your hypothesis. If you are doing a maker project then instead predict the time it will take you. 

-Look at the sections in the  “presentation template” sheet 

- Say or write how you will gather your results and present the data to people:


  1. I will explain that the same size balloon and bottle and liquid will be used.

  2. I will take lots of photos: before and after photos of the pop rocks test and the baking soda test and the materials.

  3. I will do the experiments three times and make a graph with drawings of balloons to show how much they inflated.  🎈🎈🎈     🎈🎈  


By May 7:

-Start your project. If you are using a camera try to record short snippets of information: (this is also good for practicing explaining in person)

Example of 10-20 second snippets:

1.”My project is…”

2.”These are the materials I needed.”

3.”here you can see what it looks like before…”

4.”I predict that…”

5.”here I am working on it…”

6. “This is what happened…”

7. “This why…”

-Start creating each section of the presentation: either the trifold or posters and pictures with labels.


May 14:

Present to friends live on Zoom! (kind of a dress rehearsal)


May 15:

Anyone who has a video can submit it to be included on our unlisted Science Fair YouTube channel.


May 16:

Anyone who wants to showcase their hard work and/or enjoy entertaining science demonstrations from their car is invited! Time tbd!

Judging of Projects

All participants will receive recognition and prizes based on the following:

Very Scientific

Very Creative

Very Original

Very Detailed

Very ______

Very Informative

Very Interesting


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