Permanent Escape Room Project!

Let's take our cardboard escape room and level up with bigger rooms in a permanent location: the front right side and adjacent 3D area of the Maker Lab!

We'll launch the project during this 3-day workshop using slightly more advanced materials: 1/8" plywood, drywall, foam, lights, real locks, doors, hinges and moving surprises!

Our goal will be to finish either one of the 3 or 4 rooms OR the framework for multiple rooms. We will use an official "design process' to keep us on track, focused and strategic!

**SPECIAL EXCITING NOTE: Registration in this workshop includes 3 months FREE OPEN STUDIO drop in membership! WHY? We want to see this new Escape Room through and open to the public in early 2018! We'll need as much help as possible on weekends and occasional weekdays, when/if your schedule permits. ​ $300 per person (3rd grade and older, space will fill up fast!) November 20-22

Copy and paste this link for secure registration:

This is the BEFORE video of the area we will use to build the new Escape Room...AND a pic of our "We Make It You Escape It: Haunted Edition"...........

Escape Room at Maker Faire (sitting, waiting in 30 minute lines)

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