What is Tinkering?

Ever wonder what the tangible benefits are to fiddling around, making stuff and playing with materials and tools???

Here's the official take---and it's music to the ears of every parent or person who's spent time building or creating without a perfectly finished project!

There's a great book written by the folks at the Exploratorium called The Art of Tinkering! In it the definition of tinkering is just too good not to be shared...so here it is:

Tinkering (tiNGker verb)...

It’s fooling around directly with phenomena, tools, and materials. It’s thinking with your hands and learning through doing. It’s slowing down and getting curious about the mechanics and mysteries of the everyday stuff around you. It’s whimsical, enjoyable, fraught with dead ends, frustrating, and ultimately about inquiry.

It’s also about making something, but for us, that thing reveals itself to you as you go. Because when you tinker, you’re not following a step-by-step set of directions that leads to a tidy end result. Instead, you’re questioning your assumptions about the way something works, and you’re investigating it on your own terms. You’re giving yourself permission to fiddle with this and dabble with that. And chances are, you’re also blowing your own mind.

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