Super Quick Hologram DIY

Some day we will all have hologram movies on a stage in our living rooms. But until than you can make a small holographic video image dance above your smart phone or i pad or...This design came from Make Magazine. Their version used empty CD cases but the kids at the Maker Lab here have used thin plastic and we've had great results!

Basically, you're making a four-wall plastic cone. Each side is the shape of a trapezoid and when the sides are taped together to form four walls a square hole is formed and that's the side you set on your phone. Just search up "hologram videos" on Youtube and you will find plenty: fireworks, horses, zombies, minions...You will have the right video when you see four images each facing a different direction. These images are reflected on the walls of your plastic trapezoid cone.

Materials and Tools:

Clear, firm, plastic from lettuce or deli container

Clear tape

Scissors and ruler

All you need to do is trace one perfect trapezoid that is 61.5mm across the top, 43 mm on both sides, and 12mm on the bottom. Cut the first one and use it to cut three more then tape the walls together! The image below is actually upside down.

That's it!

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