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After school maker-time through May!

Featuring all the cool tools, materials and activities at the Lab!

Maker Lab Schedule

One or two 4-Visit passes will take you through May 2021---then Summer Camp time!

MondaysMaker Mania!

Open Lab from 1p-5pm, primarily lower grades

Choose your two-hour time block

TuesdaysTool Work Tuesdays! 

Drills, sanders, saws, soldering irons and more! 3pm-5pm

Wednesdays: private groups by reservation

ThursdaysMaking Basics 

3pm - 5pm

Two hours of engineering projects and Escape Room!

FridaysMaking Mania 

2pm - 5pm

Two hours of engineering projects and Escape Room! Choose your two-hour time block

Price: 4-Class Pass, $160 per person ($20/hour) A class is basically a Maker Lab visit of around two hours. Two hours is an ideal amount of time to get lots of making done!


Email ahead to confirm class availability and grade levels.

Register for a 4-Class Pass today! Classes are kept small!

COVID Practices:  MASKS!   -   FEVER CHECK!   -    DISTANCE !   -  OUTDOORS!

We have been making and social distancing all summer long without incident just by adhering to these important practices. If you have questions or concerns don't hesitate to ask: joanne

About The 'NGSS' Science Standards and Ms. Papini

As an elementary school science specialist for five years I have participated in the process of adopting these standards: attending multiple CC County of Education and district trainings on teaching these standards. Not only was I able to help officially test various curriculum 'vendors' such as Carolina Science and StemScopes, and Amplify, I have also been leading and helping classroom teachers develop investigations and lesson plans in support of the standards. 

Here is a link that goes straight to the NGSS Topics by grade.

What I use regularly is the official NGSS app which for my purpose is way more simple and convenient! Highly recommended.

I've often thought of making my own Maker Lab standards that would entail a long list of skills and design practices ranging from tying a knot and cutting circles to powering an LED or making a cardboard hinge...


Our spacious outdoor makerspace, carboard

escape rooms and

mini drone yard

 keep us safely distanced.

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