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About Us


Our mission is to create experiential learning opportunities for elementary school children, to increase their interest in STEAM and grow their creativity. We provide much needed kinesthetic learning that kids don't always get during the school day.


Our vision is to bring STEAM projects to as many kids as possible and to be the best experiential learning provider for elementary school children in the Bay Area. 

Core Values

Maker Labs provides kinesthetic learning to help students build their education and development, and grow their interest in STEAM concepts. Education is at the forefront of all of our projects.

Creativity is a fundamental aspect of all of our projects. Students at Maker Labs get to apply their own creativity, and create what they can imagine. Our projects intend to provide space to creativity, and to inspire creativity.

Maker Labs is a space for students to explore real world concepts in a safe and fun environment. They get to try out what works and what does not work and apply their own ideas​.

Our programs and camps provide learning through experience. Students get to physically feel and create the STEAM concepts we explore.

Making mistakes is an important part of learning. Kids need a safe space to make these mistakes, so that they can grow from it. Maker Labs is a space for students to learn from their successes and mistakes.

Daniel Trowbridge


Hi, I’m Daniel Trowbridge, the Director of Maker Labs. My teaching philosophy understands that kids thrive best when given the structure to create and explore, rather than copying instruction. I’m excited to meet new makers and to see children discover what they are passionate about through experimenting, tinkering, and building.

Working with children is a gift. In the past, I have been an instructor and leader at summer camps and after-school programs. Through all of it, I have found how fulfilling and exciting it is to work with children. As an educator, I gain a lot from teaching them. I work with children because even on difficult days, I end the day happy that I am helping people reach their potential. ​ Maker Labs has everything that I value most in education. Some of the best teaching can feel like playing. Letting kids discover, make mistakes, and learn on their terms is necessary for development. Doing so, allows their creativity and imagination to shine and gets them truly excited about learning. Hands-on activities also make complex concepts more digestible and fun. I know I learn best by doing.


Growing up, I was always a tinkerer and an explorer, and I bring that same energy to Maker Labs. Our programs not only excite our makers, they excite me too! As Director I have the wonderful opportunity to develop our STEAM-based programs. From rubber band cars, to catapults, to earthquake-safe structures, makers will learn about engineering and building and how it applies to the world around them. I value feedback from both children and families. We hope to build strong relations with every family and maker at Maker Labs. Please feel free to reach out to me for any questions, concerns, commentary, or anything else!


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1990 N California Blvd. Floor 8

Walnut Creek CA 94596

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