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Become An Instructor

Giving makers the guidance and care that they need to create their projects requires curious minds that are great with children. A perfect Maker Labs Instructor has the creativity and excitement to explore the projects with kids. They provide guidance and structure but don’t necessarily give all the answers. We give makers the space to create projects in ways others could have never imagined. 

Program Instructors are a seasonal position that facilitates our 60-90 min after-school classes at schools. The frequency of these classes depends on schools’ needs and schedules. Program Instructors can also work at multiple locations during a week. We think we pay pretty well too! Do we sound like a good fit for you?


Schools: Partner With Maker Labs

Interested in partnering with Maker Labs? We service any need and a wide range of ages. We can work with any schedule. Tell us what you need and we’ll do it! Contact us to bring Maker Labs STEAM classes to your school! 

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